"Understanding Hamlet" Back Cover Copy

As published on the back cover of Robert Renwick's Understanding Hamlet

Hook: Understanding Hamlet offers original and contemporary perspectives on a literary classic, making it the perfect companion for modern readers.  

Summary: Understanding Hamlet is intended for readers to deepen their comprehension and appreciation of what is arguably Shakespeare’s greatest play. The introductory section provides genera information about Hamlet and includes overall summaries of its events. The synopsis and commentary section contain detailed scene-by-scene summaries, with observations and interpretations where necessary. The essay section features four essays on important themes in Hamlet, with information on some of the ideas and on how each essay is structured.

This book is ideal for students, teachers and theatregoers. For students, the summaries and essays provide insights upon which to base their own formal writing. College and university students can examine the essays as illustrations of how particular aspects of a literary work   can lead to deeper analysis. Teachers might use Understanding Hamlet as a source of teaching points, call discussions or student writing. Theatregoers could read this book as preparation for attending a performance of the play.